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Onions Exported to Domestic Sales, Prices Fell Seriously

2020-05-12 17:38:21

Since India began to ban onion exports last year, China Garlic Price has attracted the attention of growers. The onion market in China represented by Gansu has started a wave of price increases. In July 2019, the wholesale price of red onions has increased to 1.8 yuan per kilogram, and the market price is even more than 3 yuan per kilogram. At that time, many people thought that the onion industry should have a very good prospect, so there are also increased production everywhere.In mid-to-late January 2020, the wholesale price of red onions for export is still more than 2 yuan per jin. However, with the continuous development of special circumstances, the export of onions has been restricted to the greatest extent, and the export price has dropped from more than 2 yuan to 4 cents per kilogram, and there is a big problem, that is, red onions cannot be transported at all, not only red onions, but also yellow onions, which are mainly for export.
In this case, the exported varieties can only be sold domestically. The onion cultivation in China is very extensive, and the seasons of maturity vary from place to place. After a large number of onions in Yunnan were transferred from export to domestic sales, Garlic Price fell all the way. Even the retail of red onions is currently maintained at about 1.5 yuan. This is the price of supermarkets. The price in the vegetable market is even cheaper, around 1.2 yuan.
Such a price is indeed a lot of benefits for consumers, but some farmers in the northern regions have begun to worry. Because the onions in their fields have not yet been marketed, especially in Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning and other regions, the domestic market now feels that there are signs of saturation, and the situation after listing may not be optimistic.