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Geographical Distribution of Onion Cultivation

2020-07-04 10:14:23

The onion is native to the continental climate area, the local climate changes drastically, the air is dry, and the soil moisture has obvious seasonal changes. Therefore, during the phylogenetic process, the onion adapts to this special environment for a long time, not only in the form of corresponding changes-shortened stem discs, roots that prefer moisture, drought-tolerant leaf type, bulbs with storage function, also have a certain physiological adaptability.

In the vegetative growth period, cool air temperature, medium-intensity light, loose, fertile, and water-retaining soil are required, lower air humidity, higher soil humidity, and show the characteristics of cold resistance and hygrophilous. Not resistant to high temperature, strong light, drought and barrenness. It enters the dormant period when the high temperature and long sunshine.

The part of the onion for consumption is the hypertrophy bulb underground. According to its skin color, it can be divided into three types: white skin, yellow skin and red skin: white skin bulbs are small, white or slightly green in appearance, tender meat spicy taste, good quality, suitable for raw food.

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