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Group Buying Garlic

2020-09-03 15:07:50

On August 20th, Xingkang Community and Henan Village, Yulin Town, sold garlic grown in Henan Village in the community and Maofang East Community. Regional party building broadens the sales channels of agricultural and sideline products, which not only increases the income of Henan villagers, but also facilitates the lives of community residents.

There is an endless stream of people who come to buy garlic. The village party secretary and villagers in Henan Village are very busy. While selling them, they help the residents cut the garlic braids one by one into bags. Residents in the surrounding areas not only bought them by themselves, but also helped their relatives and friends to purchase goods. In less than half an hour, braided garlic and 100 bags of single-headed garlic were sold out. 

In addition to the community residents, the co-construction units of the regional party building also joined this "purchasing brigade" and bought large quantities of garlic by way of group purchase. 

Up to now, under the drive of multiple communities in Renmin Road Street, Henan Village garlic has been sold in multiple communities, and garlic buyers are in an endless stream.

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