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Rising Garlic Prices

2020-05-14 14:39:34

Today's garlic market inventory prices of garlic rose by more than 0.1 yuan, storage stocks increased prices, purchase should be cautious, garlic rice and packaging buyers passive replenishment, the overall trading atmosphere is general, Jinxiang, Qixian, Yinzhou production areas are strong The transaction volume is generally average.

The market price of garlic in Jinxiang production area is very strong. Most of the storage companies stop selling. The sellers are not enthusiastic about selling. The supply of goods for sale is reduced. The sellers have increased their prices significantly. The buyers are actively looking for suitable sources of supply. Increased China Garlic Price throughout the day were chaotic. The mainstream transaction price rose by about 0.1 yuan. The general mixed-grade price was 3.65-3.85 yuan / jin, the large mixed-grade price was 3.98-4.22 yuan / jin, and the garlic rice price was 2.95-3.20 yuan. /jin.

The market price of Kuzhou garlic in Quzhou production area is faster, with large specifications and good quality. The seller has increased the selling price, and the enthusiasm of merchants and packaging buyers has increased. The price of 6.5cm red garlic is currently 5.50-5.90 RMB per catty, with a difference of 0.2-0.3 RMB per level. Hybrid white garlic changes with market changes, and the transaction volume is average. The price of 6.5cm hybrid white garlic is about 6.00 RMB / kg.

The stock market in Qixian production area is relatively strong. Storage companies are unwilling to sell. The phenomenon of price increases is more common. There are more buyers in the market, but the enthusiasm for getting goods is mainly replenishment. The transaction volume is acceptable. The price ranges from 0.03 RMB to 0.1 RMB. At present, the price of garlic rice is about 3.13 RMB / jin, and the price of large mixed grade is 3.65-3.85 RMB / jin. The Garlic Price in Zhongmu production area has risen slightly, the supply of goods for sale is general, the storage merchants have a good mentality of selling goods, increase the asking price to ship, and the intention buyers have increased. Just passively follow up, the transaction volume is slightly enlarged, the market is strong, large The mixed-grade price is 3.70-3.80 RMB / jin, and the general mixed-grade price is 3.20-3.40 RMB / jin.

The market price of garlic in Cangshan production area is slightly stronger, and the supply of goods has not increased significantly for the time being. Most of the sales of stockists are increasing prices. Buyers have resistance to the price. Packaging buyers just need to replenish. The overall transaction volume is average. Partial transaction prices. There has been a slight increase. At present, the price of large mixed grades is 3.40-3.60 yuan / jin, and the price of Indonesian goods is 3.10-3.30 yuan / jin. The market price of the garlic in Laiwu production area is relatively strong, the supply of supply has decreased, the storage supplier's asking price has slightly increased, the buyer has selectively purchased, and the market has been passively followed up by the merchant. At present, the price of 6.0cm is 4.50-4.80 RMB / jin, and the general mixed price is 3.60-3.80 RMB / jin.