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Busy Planting Garlic

2020-05-15 13:56:44

Taking advantage of the good spring equinox, garlic in Henan Village, Yulin Town, Saihan District, Hohhot City was officially sown. The garlic planter was put into use for the first time and planted a long land in ten minutes, greatly improving the cultivation efficiency and reducing the burden on farmers.
In order to continue to develop the collective economy of the village, in 2020, the garlic planting area in Henan Village will be expanded to 50 acres, and villagers will plant 100 to 200 acres. The members of the two village committees went to Shandong for a field visit to buy garlic seeds, fertilizers and machinery, garlic seed splitters, garlic seeders, garlic pickers, etc. Nowadays, the garlic in Henan Village has been mechanized from planting to harvesting. .

The secretary of the Henan Village Party Branch said: "In the past, we used manual splitting and manual garlic extraction. The cost was particularly high. This year, the machine splitting and harvesting have greatly reduced the cost. Calculating the cost savings of about 1,200 yuan per acre of machinery and the density of mechanical planting Large, uniform, high germination rate. According to the current situation, mechanical planting is more than half of the manual variety! ".
There is a saying in the folk: "Garlic money is not easy to get," which reflects the hardships and difficulties of farmers in planting garlic. Mechanized planting has greatly reduced labor costs while reducing the burden on farmers to grow garlic.
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