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Garlic Export Prices Have Fallen Since This Week

2020-05-18 10:59:08

In the past few months, the China Garlic Price has fluctuated frequently due to various factors. Starting in October, export prices began to rise significantly, and the market steadily rose for a time. Until this week, the garlic export market has been in a downward trend.

In general, the total area of garlic planted this year has decreased compared to previous years, but given the huge production base in China, the market still needs to consume a sufficient amount of garlic in a certain period of time. At present, there is still a challenge. Inventories are abundant, and domestic and overseas markets are in a situation of oversupply. With the arrival of Christmas and the Chinese New Year, the trade process will be smoother, and exports to overseas countries will increase. 

In overseas markets, despite facing competition from other countries of origin, Chinese garlic has dominated for many years due to affordable prices, good quality and stable supply. Especially for European procurement needs, It has always been strong. 

How to develop the export market of garlic next year, it is still difficult to conclude. This is affected by the planting area on the one hand, and speculative speculation on the other. It is difficult to predict the impact of the latter in particular. We wait and see.