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Control Technology of Garlic Black Spot

2020-05-19 13:34:33

The symptom of the disease is peeling off the garlic cloves stored, and you will find dark spots similar to mold. The lesions will gradually grow larger and sag, which will affect the storage quality of garlic.
1. Before sowing seeds, sterilize and dress the garlic seeds. Before killing the garlic, use a new high-fat film with targeted insecticides for seed dressing. After mixing the seeds, remove them to dry and then plant. It can keep warm, moisturize and swell, improve the seed germination rate, and make the seedlings strong. Avoid underground pests and isolate virus infections. Can also be mixed with seed coating agents. Protect seedlings.
2. It is found that the plots with severe conditions need to be sprayed with chemicals before harvesting, and a new high-fat film combined with the tree-protecting generals to improve the resistance of garlic.
3. When harvesting garlic, try not to damage the protective surface of the garlic, that is, the outer membrane, and reduce the invasion of germs. In addition, the harvested garlic is stored in a place with low temperature and humidity to reduce the proliferation of germs.
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