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Fermented Black Garlic Tastes Good

2020-06-10 13:48:26

After fermentation to make black garlic, the moisture of garlic will be reduced by about 50%, sugar and amino acids will be significantly increased, and the content of B vitamins will also increase. The color of garlic changes from white to black because of the "Merald reaction" after long fermentation and heat preservation.

At this time, allicin has been degraded, and components such as polyfructose are decomposed to produce fructose, which enhances the sweet taste. Therefore, black garlic has a sweet taste and no longer has a spicy taste. People who are afraid of irritation can also eat it, which is very popular with young people . But it is not necessary to take seriously the sayings that "black garlic reduces hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia" and "black garlic improves immunity". If the amount of black garlic eaten daily is not large, it is difficult to achieve these effects.
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