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Weifang: a Large Number Of Fresh Garlic Listed

2020-06-01 10:27:19

"This year's fresh garlic is more than half cheaper than last year. At this time last year, fresh garlic cost about 4 yuan per pound." Ms. Liu, a vendor, said that the purchase price of fresh garlic is cheaper than in previous years. "Although the price of fresh garlic is much cheaper, there are still a lot of garlic in the garlic farmland that can't be sold." Mr. Chen said.
"Garlic has always been an export-oriented agricultural product, and a large amount of high-quality fresh garlic is exported to foreign countries every year. However, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, garlic export orders have been greatly reduced, relying on domestic sales only. The oversupply is an important reason for the low garlic price 2020. "Anqiu villagers said.
According to the head of the vegetable station in Anqiu City, there are many reasons for the unstable China Garlic Price every year. The planting area of Anqiu garlic was about 10,000 mu last year. The number of growers decreased significantly, and the planting area decreased accordingly, and the price was naturally higher. . "Many farmers see that the garlic planting market is good, and they started planting garlic in large areas in the second year. The output has increased by leaps and bounds. A large number of new garlic has been put on the market. The quantity of garlic is large, and the price is naturally low.