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Harvest of Garlic in Kaiyuan

2020-07-20 10:51:31

More than 2,200 acres of garlic in the streets of the old city, Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province have reached maturity, and farmers are busy in the farmland.

It is understood that Kaiyuan garlic is mainly produced in the streets of the old city and has a history of more than 400 years of cultivation. Locally produced garlic tastes much better than garlic from other regions and is durable to storage. The nutritional value of the garlic stem produced is also high, which is very popular with consumers. This year's purple-skinned garlic grows well, with thick rods and large heads, and the production capacity per mu reaches 1500 to 1800 kg. On the basis of planting traditional purple-skinned garlic, local garlic farmers developed single-headed garlic cultivation on a large scale, and registered the "Garlic Flavor" trademark, which laid the foundation for sales to all parts of the country to increase visibility.

Now the garlic in the streets of the old city is constantly optimizing garlic varieties and creating brands. It also uses a new network model to broaden sales channels, promote the healthy development of the garlic planting industry, and drive people to increase income and become rich.

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