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The Efficacy And Role of Onion

2020-05-23 11:33:13

Onion is very rich in nutrients, not only rich in nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, selenium, and fiber, but also two special nutrients-quercetin and prostaglandin A. These two special nutrients make onion have many irreplaceable health effects of other foods.

1. Prevent cancer

The anti-cancer effect of onion comes from its rich selenium and quercetin. Selenium is an antioxidant that stimulates the body's immune response, thereby inhibiting the division and growth of cancer cells, while reducing the toxicity of carcinogens. Quercetin can inhibit cancer-causing activity and prevent cancer cells from growing.

2.Maintain cardiovascular health

Onion is the only vegetable known to contain prostaglandin A. Prostaglandin A can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood viscosity, so it can lower blood pressure, increase coronary blood flow, and prevent thrombosis.

3. Stimulate appetite and help digestion

Onions have a strong aroma and often make people cry because of their pungent odor. It is this special odor that can stimulate gastric acid secretion and increase appetite.

4, sterilization, anti-cold

Onions contain phytobacterins such as allicin, which have strong bactericidal ability and can effectively resist influenza viruses and prevent colds.

Tip: Purple onions have higher nutritional content

According to the skin color, onions can be divided into three types: white, yellow and purple. From the perspective of nutritional value, the nutrition of purple onion is better. This is because the purple-skinned onion tastes more spicy than the other two varieties of onions, which means that it contains more allicin.

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